Ensuring Clean, Sustainable, and
Affordable Water for Our Future

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Why I'm Running

The IRWD Board has become stagnant, and for decades has remained largely unchanged. Our community deserves better, and I will work to represent all ratepayers and ensure community involvement across all generations.

Time for Change

The current board has an average tenure of 25 years, with some Directors serving for over 30 years in the same capacity. IRWD has been the focus of voter interest due to questionable appointments, and is currently facing legal action due to unfair election practices.

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Tighten the Budgets

Current board members receive full-time benefits packages for part-time work. This comes out of the ratepayer pocket and is an unnecessary expense. If elected, my promise to voters is that I will not accept any benefits and will return funds to the district to fund new projects or reduce rates.

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Let's Build Smart

In a region where rainfall and snowpack is highly variable year-over-year, we must plan ahead to increase system reliability and redundancy. Our directors need to be willing to consider all possible projects and carefully evaluate the merits of each in order to arrive at the best solution for our community.

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Who Is Andrew Pollard?

I am a Registered Professional Engineer in the State of California with an interest in water resource management. I earned my BS and MS in Hydrology and Water Resources Engineering from the University of California, and have continued to develop industry knowledge by earning certifications as a Grade D2 and T2 Operator through the CA Department of Public Health. In addition, I am a Certified Fraud Examiner and LEED Accredited Professional. I live in Tustin and work in Irvine at KPMG as an engineering and construction consultant.

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